IVPF44100- Powder Free Vinyl


IVPF44100- Powder Free Vinyl

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Product Brief

GlovePlus vinyl balances price with performance.

Product Codes:

  • IVPF42100 Small
  • IVPF44100 Medium
  • IVPF46100 Large
  • IVPF48100 Extra Large

Material: Vinyl
Grade: Industrial
P/PF: Powder Free
Quality: Select
Color: Clear
Size Range: S-XL
Gloves Per Box: 100 pair
Boxes Per Case: 10
Count Per Case: 1000

Food Service

Beaded Cuff
Polymer Coated

Industry Uses






AMMEX GlovePlus Powder Free Vinyl disposable gloves are industrial grade, made from PVC vinyl, so those with latex allergies can rest assured because they are latex free. These select quality vinyl disposable gloves feature excellent sensitivity in the palm and fingertips, as well as a smooth fit and feel. They are powder free, so when creating a seal, or working with wet paint, you won’t have to worry about messy powder residue. Vinyl gloves are more cost effective than latex or nitrile while offering the appropriate tear and puncture resistance for industries where they are used. Vinyl gloves are a popular choice in the janitorial and sanitation industry, plumbing and painting, beauty industry, food service and food processing industries. Around the home, these vinyl gloves can be used indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or garage for cleaning, home maintenance, painting, yard work, pet care, arts and crafts. The best industrial grade vinyl gloves for the price!

AMMEX GlovePlus Vinyl Gloves

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