Sanitation & Cleaning

Fikes offers several facility cleaning programs to our customers that address their sanitation needs and make an impact on their business operations and customer impressions.  

Restroom Sanitation & Disinfection

The overall look, smell and cleanliness of your restrooms convey your image as much as any facet of your business.  Fikes was founded on enhancing the image of your business through clean and sanitized restrooms.  Our approach of being Proudly Obsessed with The Dirty Details is what sets us apart and why we’ve been making an impact on restroom cleanliness longer than anyone. 

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Why Fikes?  

  • We sanitize every surface that harbors germs and bacteria.

  • We bring the knowledge and equipment to make your life easier.

  • No more odors because we eliminate the primary source.

  • Top to bottom Premium Care of restrooms addressing floors, walls, partitions and deep cleaning of all areas in the restroom with a vacuum extraction.

Floor Cleaning

  • Floors, as much as any other surface in a facility, quickly trigger a customers perception of whether or not your establishment is dirty or clean.

  • Dirt builds up in tile and grout and subsequently harbors the growth of harmful bacteria which in turn are tracked throughout a facility.

  • Extend the life of your floor and improve the safety and sanitation of your facility.
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Kitchen & Bar Cleaning

  • Prevent slips or falls by removing greases and fats that accumulate.

  • Food debris and composing matter is extracted for optimal sanitation and pest prevention.

  • Bar cleaning, which involves a similar application to the Premium Care, applies a pressure wash and deep scrubbing of floors followed up with an extraction of all soils and debris.

Trash Chute & Dumpster Cleaning

Trash Chute cleaning involves pressure washing trash chutes in your facility followed up with the application of enzymatic odor control agents to help naturally consume the waste that causes foul odors.

Restroom & Kitchen Sanitation and Cleaning Services