Dispensers & Service

Providing & Maintaining


  • Dispensers and equipment provided with no upfront purchase required. 
  • Dispensers professionally installed throughout your facility.  
  • Large selection of styles and colors including stainless options-- find out more.
  • Dispenser upkeep and maintenance as a part of our service. 

Why buy expensive equipment and undergo the time and hassle of installing them yourself.  When you purchase products you can qualify for our installation and equipment assurance program.  Learn more about our Installation & Maintenance Service and Request a quote.


Fikes professional installation team is trained to mount any dispenser or fixture on virtually any surface.  We are obsessed with the details and ensure that placement of dispensers fits the look and functionality of your business.


We take considerations of colors, style and the theme of your business and then match our wide variety of dispenser offerings to your establishment.  We will consult with your team to understand your vision and specific needs.