FIKES Bio-Conquerer 105 Enzymatic Concentrate Quarts

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OD002 BioConquerer.jpg

FIKES Bio-Conquerer 105 Enzymatic Concentrate Quarts

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FIKES® “Proudly Obsessed With The Dirty Details” ™

Product Description

  • Concentrated formula - 105 packs higher fragrance, surfactant and bacteria levels than the leading RTU competitors so it works quickly and completely to eliminate odors.
  • 24 hour odor control - billions of select spore form bacteria work to eliminate odors at their source by digesting the molecules that create odors.
  • Easy to use - can be used with included sprayer (quarts only) to spray around urinals, tables, sinks, etc. or diluted in mop water, carpet extractors, etc.
  • Versatile - aerobic and anaerobic bacterial spores, high surfactant, and fragrance levels make it ideal for use on most odor problems from pet messes on carpet, smelly grout around urinals and toilets, sour milk in the dumpster to foul smelling drains.
  • VOC compliant, water soluble, non-acid, non-caustic, non-flammable, water based formulation.
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