WaveBrake® Down Press Combo


WaveBrake® Down Press Combo

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WaveBrake® Down Press Combo

ID #7577-88YEL |  Ships From Supplier
Brand: Rubbermaid

Product Description

The WaveBrake® mop bucket and wringer system reduces splashing, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors, and improved productivity.

  • High efficiency down press wringer.
  • Lasts twice as long as Side Press Combo, 7580-88.
  • Tested to exceed 100,000 wringing cycles, side press wringer performs 50,000 cycles.
  • Premium tubular steel and Structural Web molded plastic. *Length: 20.1 in 51.1 cm
  • Width: 15.7 in 39.9 cm
  • Height: 36 1/2 in 92.7 cm
  • Mop Capacity [Max]:
  • Volume Capacity [Nom]: 35 qt 33.1 L

Volume Capacity [Max]: 35 qt 33.1 L

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